Friday, December 7, 2007

On Inspiration

When I was younger, I used to write almost everyday. I used to sit or lie in my bed and listen to music for the whole day- Allanis, Cranberries, RHCP, Sheryl Crow, Incubus and an tapes (yes tapes) and later CDs of stuff I had recorded from Rick Dees. I was full of such passion and freedom- the words used to flow from my pen. It was so easy then.

Now it comes so infrequently, it's a part of myself I miss, I seemed to have become disconnected from that place- perhaps I've lost a certain innocence?

But when that inspiration comes, the world is the most brilliant place, I am one with my Creator and with all of creation. I feel this energy course through me- like the world moves and breathes within me and through me. I feel alive, light and free. I can't force it though, she comes when she's ready, somewhat unexpectantly and leaves me with such a feeling of euphoria and peace. I feel complete when she is with me, I am not so and so's daughter, niece, sister, wife... I am me, the best most beautiful most fantastic me I could ever be- just me.

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  1. Deep girl, deep, all this needs now is some cool jazz in the background, a stage, a mic, and good company.


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