Friday, March 14, 2008

Real Freedom

In the book "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz, the author describes the healthy human being as a goal seeking, goal driven individual. Sometimes I become frustrated and angry because I do not feel as if I am getting anywhere on this journey towards getting to know myself and finding the right career path for myself. It feels like I am just passing time doing nothing meaningful or important. But in the silence, out here with the cool evening wind brushing my skin and the sun slowly fading from the evening sky, I realise that I am on a much larger quest. I realise that finding contentment in all things big and small- the twittering of the sparrow, the sweet song of the yellow breast, the chill of the evening air seeping into my wrap, the smell of food cooking in the apartments below, the neighbor's dog barking in the background, the soft drifting clouds and me, myself and I sitting on the porch in conversation with a book from my aunt's old collection- contentment, detachment, acceptance in and of all things- these are the real joys of life. 

Will I feel this way tomorrow? I don't know. But I have this immense feeling of gratitude now, and I would like to savour it while it lasts and endeavour to be patient, faithful and nonjudgmental even if just for this moment. 

Real freedom cannot be bought with money, it is the ability to find contentment in all things.


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