Monday, December 1, 2008

Digging Deep (14 Nov. 2008)

My mother tells me to dig deep
real deep
when life seems hard
She wears the battle scars of loneliness after 20+ years of a marriage that ended in failure
She lives in a three bedroom house
with two angel-faced beauties whose feet pitter-patter
as they follow her around the house
I say I am digging deep
but the tears keep comming
and sometimes it seems as if the pain is more than I can bear.

Simple prayers echo off silent lips.

Questions seem to hold no real answers.

A heartwenching cry for help.

And even in my apparent weakness,
I find strength in a new day.
Promises for peace, love, wisdom and hope
flutterby on yellow wings
or coat the air with their honey-glazed song.
And when I feel the void opening up beneath me
I find comfort in the space between word and thought,
pen and paper
and beautiful teachings from Bon Masters, Native Americans, Christians, Buddhists
and regular souls just like me
and then there are the kind, supportive words of family and friends
that are as dissappointed as I am
that life has a habit of hitting you where it hurts the most.

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