Friday, August 14, 2009

Inside My Heart

This isn't a bartering system
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Deserving or undeserving
You kneel before me
You kiss my feet,
my face
I tremble humbly before your boundless grace
The question wavering
the only thing that separates You and I

"Is love alive?"

The answer
so simple
so gentle
it sleeps inside my heart

Love & Second Chances

Maybe I don't deserve a second chance
Maybe you don't either
But love is
and a Lover of Fools

Thank God I am a fool
Because I have been loved a thousand and one times
by You.

The Beautiful Thing Is...

The deeper I fold into you
the more I find
my voice
my heart
Your seed planted deep in
the crevices,
My womb swollen in delight.

Letting go
Life is light, bubbly

God I missed you!

The days and nights without you felt like years of living hell.

I am yours
Drunk on loving
and being loved
by you
and the beautiful thing is
you don't care
you never questioned whether I deserve it,
Because in your eyes I always do.

Sloppy Leftovers

Of everything that once defined me
I stand outside your doorway

You kiss my face tenderly
A question pausing on your breath
The peace a secret in my heart
For which there is no reply.

Your love is
rough and tender with me.

I am nothing but sloppy leftovers
the joy that beats inside my heart.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Be happy

I want to tell him
"Do what you need to do to be happy."
But I have taken an oath of silence
The only words I have
tiny mirrors
aimed to reflect the sun
tiny reminders
should I lose my way and find myself suddenly in darkness.

I have taken myself out of the race
I drift lazily instead on the surface of longing and desire
Each day takes care of itself.
Each day I learn the end of us is not the end of me.
I can let go and live
I can let go and
Be happy
I can let go and
at peace.
I can let go and

The Embrace

Pointed fingers
Biting tones
These are barriers to our love
Leave them behind
Discard them like dirty garments

(there is only freedom here...)

Let me embrace you
Let us instead become one

Loving You

In loving you
the only pain is the pain of separation
the anxiety that follows my forgetfulness
the emptiness that consumes when I am not
consumed by you.

From the moment I was born
I dreamt of our reunion
I searched everywhere
for the loveliness of your face
I wept alone at night
dreaming of your kisses
your warmth
your embrace

I light a candle hoping
the scent will transport me back
to a time and a place
when we were one
No concept of You and I

My heart clenches in agony as I watch the birds
their flight a reminder of the freedom
and boundlessness of our love.
Though I try to fill up my days
with things and plans and secret get-a-ways
My heart sighs with longing

Everything reminds me of you.

Coming Home to You

there is no need for remorse
No need for regrets
There is no punishment
No guilt
No fear
No funeral procession
Only celebration
at the return of the prodigal daughter
gone too long from the bosom of the weeping mother

there is only fulness
Only beauty
Each petal of every tree turned to embrace the sun

When the heart returns
there is no talk of worthiness
No talk of sacrifice
No path to choose
No wrong turn
No proof of purchase

There is only
and dancing
and poetry

Let the heart sing
Each note a compass to your eternity
I'm coming home
I'm coming home to you.