Monday, August 10, 2009

Loving You

In loving you
the only pain is the pain of separation
the anxiety that follows my forgetfulness
the emptiness that consumes when I am not
consumed by you.

From the moment I was born
I dreamt of our reunion
I searched everywhere
for the loveliness of your face
I wept alone at night
dreaming of your kisses
your warmth
your embrace

I light a candle hoping
the scent will transport me back
to a time and a place
when we were one
No concept of You and I

My heart clenches in agony as I watch the birds
their flight a reminder of the freedom
and boundlessness of our love.
Though I try to fill up my days
with things and plans and secret get-a-ways
My heart sighs with longing

Everything reminds me of you.

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