Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Scavenger

I’ve spent the last few weeks roaming the fleshy corridors of my heart,
Listening to my footsteps echo past empty rooms,
Staring at the smeared remains of past transgressions
Scattered hopes like bits of charred glass.
Fearing a numbness threatening to take over
I ran
Looking for a friendly face, a soft kiss, a lover’s embrace
Searching for signs of life,
Leaving casualties moaning behind closed doors.
Yearning to feel whole again
(I pray god will forgive me)
I have wandered down many shadowed alleys.
All of this I’ve done running from you.
In the absence of light I scavenge the dying, the wounded for nourishment
My self-loathing writhing, a snake in my stomach.
In the silence,
I hear the call of something wild stir me from my dream walk.
Blood rushes in and I am
Empty and whole.
I follow,
Clutching at my chest in ragged anticipation
The promise of you stretched out like a beautiful dream
Right beyond my fingertips.

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