Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warning Broken People Break Things

I think that life should come with a warning tag that says,
“Broken People Break Things”
Then maybe I would have known when His brother died
That it wasn’t for me to fix.

I once believed that time and god and love would heal all open wounds.
I once trusted in promises of love, marriage vows, the fruits of sacrifice and piousness.
I’ve always had faith in the impossible, the unseen,
I wanted to believe that someone could see me and love me for me.

Now my heart lies open
The soft stuffing scattered,
A button or two missing,
The thread coming apart at the seams,
It’s my fault for wearing my heart on my sleeve.
It seems life is messy and nothing is as I’d hoped it would be.

And suddenly You are here,
Wanting more than I can give.
You are armed with Your
Delicate hands,
A needle and matching thread,
Ready to repair any damage done,
'Cause I’m broken.

But this time I think I know
It’s not for you to fix.
This time I think I know that
Nothing you do or say can make me whole again
And for a moment I know what it’s like to be free.

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