Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Night

One night
While He lay beside me
His head resting
Rising and falling on my chest
He whispered something I could only hear in the silence
His words cracking my rugged armor wide open
The dying embers of my hesitant heart
At once aflame.
He whispered,
I have never let you wander far from my gaze
In fact
I cannot live without you.
In time
In time
In time
He caressed,
I will possess your heart.

If You Do Not Exist

I have ached for you,
My heart clenched tight like a fist.
I have dreamed of you,
It is my sanity,
The only place where my spirit finds rest.
I have longed for you,
My eyes misted at the bitterness of an existence without your touch.
What will I do?
What will I do if you not exist?
I will pray for death to ease me from a life of brokenness
Rotted from the inside out
There will be no comfort
No release
No warmth
No friend.
If you do not exist,
I am nothing
Life is nothing
Love is nothing
Without you.


Upon seeing your name
I touch you gently with my mind,
It is my prayer for you that life treats you with the kind of tenderness it would a newborn child.
For we are all innocent in our wanderings,
Innocent in our love talk,
Innocent in our life walk,
And today I know,
Today I know
That you never meant any harm.