Monday, April 11, 2011

Write Me A Poem

Write Me A Poem:

This morning I woke to the sound of birds singing
A text message from you at 3:45 saying nightie-night
The lips of spring lingering on the hard angles of my face
Happiness cracking me open like a surgeon preparing for a transplant on a heart that's too afraid to want anymore,
too afraid to dream anymore,
too afraid to climb the highest peaks of passion only to find that when I get to the top that I'm
Plummeting towards the surface of a heart that hasn't yet thawed to my delicate affections

You see this is about connection for me
Hands on skin
Tongue in cheek
One part of you filling another part of me
Souls lying barer than bodies could ever be

You see
"I am ready for love/ why are you hiding from me?"

Is a warmth in my breast
Travels to my thighs
Lingers on my skin
Breathes in my chest
Singing, "You are a melody I don't want to forget"

You see I want to breathe you
Curve my flesh around your limbs
I want to consume you
Dump the contents of this love on your lap for your inspection
Trace my lips down each vertebrae of your thoracic spine
Count the freckles on your nose, on your chin, around the corners of your eyes
Learn the blueprint of your soul
Fill the empty gaps of your grief with sunflowers and marigolds
Give me your dreams
Let me fold them up and set them a-flight on paper wings
Give me your songs
Let me learn the notes so I can attempt to harmonise and sing along
Give me your poems
Let me etch them with ragged stitching on my chest so that
every time I feel my loneliness gnawing at me from the inside out I can
retrace my steps to a love that doesn't demand that I
Be anyone
Be anything
Other than who I am because
Who I am has always been good enough
and Who I am will always be good enough
and Who I am never ceases to be good enough
(More than good enough) For you.


  1. Beautiful, thank you for writing

  2. Thank you for commenting, Im glad you liked it =)


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