Friday, January 10, 2014

The Return of Love

For months
I had been waiving my love like a silent flag of surrender
Hoping it would return to me in the form of your
Undivided attention
For months
I had been counting down the many reasons I didn't deserve
Couldn't afford
Wouldn't be able to live up to
The kind of affection I have craved
And now the love returns
I could have waited for you
It would have been dark and rich and sweet
Scalding your tongue
The kind of love that you feel warming your insides
Melting away all that makes you numb
And now this love returns to  me
I think myself weak for not being able to let go
I think myself strong for being able to hold on
My heart is not fickle but weaves with a kind of intricacy
and slow anticipation
a web of strong, secure connection
But now the love returns to me
And instead of empty I am full again
Instead of numb
Tears spring to my eyes
A kind of sad acceptance but not despair
Instead I am returning the love that belongs to me
Fuller yes
Always full of hope.


  1. Beautiful. Self love is where it begins and ends. Thats what I took awak from this.

    Your writing is so passionate yet sombre. I enjoy it.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Melanie <3 I am so happy you are able to take something from my work and enjoy it. Yes, self love I think is the beginning of all love.


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