Friday, January 30, 2009

30th January 2009

The fight is leaving me
I am afraid of this new person
This new attitude
This new territory
I'm not sure where she'll take me
I'm not sure if I'll like her
If I can love her
I'm not sure I deserve this anymore

The fight is leaving me
I want someone in my life that touches me
I want someone in my life that celebrates me
Someone I can open myself up to
And spread myself out like a beautiful starlit sky

I want to be known
And rejoice in the knowing
No longer afraid that who I am
Who I am becoming in not acceptable
Is not good enough
I want someone who chooses me
Who chooses us
Who delights in my laughter
And yearns for my loving arms at night
Who holds me
Understands me
Gives to me
I am his queen
He is my lord

I'm thinking
I deserve
And yes I have made mistakes
Many, many mistakes
But the fight is leaving me
I grow weary of making my claims
I grow weary of stating my case
I grow tired of fighting someone who doesn't think I am worth it
I am tired of fighting myself

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