Monday, July 20, 2009

If We Are One

If we are one
How come I cannot feel you
in the blue sky,
in the drifting clouds?
How come I cannot hear you
in the feathered whisper of the bird's wing
as it climbs higher and higher
towards the sun?
If we are one
then why do I feel lost to you
in the business of doing
in the excessiveness of talking and thinking and planning?
I feel very much severed from you
and though I drift between
Each time I feel the emptiness of your absence
I fear I will never breathe you again.
Each time you
kiss my eyes
whisper into my ears
caress my skin
I am sure that you will never leave.
But then you are gone
and I am alone again
Left with a distant memory of you
like a dream
I never want to wake from.

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  1. Dear God girl ... these MUST be published!


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