Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sleep threatens
This Will knows not surrender
but has found a resource and will feed.
I am caught between losing and finding.
I am caught in heaven, in hell.

my weariness betrays me.
Unable to resist
I slip into the vastness,
I am overcome.

In the silence
Something stirs.
A flash of recognition flutters on the surface.
The body shudders,
The heart squeezes its protest.

Nothing has changed.

The days and nights grow colder now,
They shape shift fast and slow.
I a lonesome pilgrim
Reaching for your turned face,
Standing behind closed doors.

I will not run this time.

I meet the dawn with eyes closed,
Let her veil slip into place,
Embrace the darkness
Feel it transform to a blazing red
and lift

with the effortless of feline grace.

The rising sun sets fire to the autumn leaves,
But they will not burn.
In blazed glory they dance instead
to a rhythm the ear cannot discern.

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