Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Love is All Me

This love is a vessel that beats inside of me
It never leaves
It moves where I move
It breathes where I breathe
And though you have chosen a life without me
This love chooses me
Nurtures me
Sustains me
And though you have chosen a life without me
This love/ Your love still flourishes
The flora and fauna of my being
It cannot die
There is no end and no beginning
There is no less and no more
There is only a love that lasts for all time
Changing shape and changing face
Demanding nothing of me
This loves fills the silence between us with things like
Compassion and
This love says it’s okay that we are over
I only want you to be happy
I only want the best for you whatever that may be
This love does't understand words like
This love says that This is enough
That I Am Enough
That indeed I have everything I could ever need
You can’t touch this love
You can’t deny me this love
This love is all me
This love is all

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