Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Willing and Able

I know you’ve been disappointed.
You feel like anyone you’ve ever loved has left you behind
Fumbling in some awkward silence.
I came to tell you that the love inside of you will never run out.
What you see with your eyes,
What you feel with your hands is the flowering of love
Run your fingers across the soft green carpet
Lie down in that grass
Gaze as sunflowers do
Raise your brilliant head to the sun
But do not be fooled
There is more
Deep in the belly of the earth lies the seed of something eternal.
Knock with soft slow steps upon its earthly door
Take this pilgrimage with me
When you feel the world is empty, dig deeper
Trace the roots back to its origin
There you will find the reflection of your beloved
Press your head upon its chest
Let your heart sync
And when the time comes you will be willing and able.

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