Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Attempt at a Poem

I found it discarded on the sand
Bone dry and bleached out by the harsh unrelenting sun
The song of the sea would not soothe it
The kiss of the wind would not caress it
It was simply alone
Drifting in the middle of here and nowhere
Watching the earth spin by

Weariness had seeped into it's bones
A cold, damp chill
Though the day grew warm and still
It's weary heart could no be filled
Dragged by the shore's tide
Stretched out beneath the sun
It drank in the roaring ocean
and rolled about on the bejewelled land
Weeping and sighing in ecstasy as the belly of the sand
Rose and fell beneath Her touch

Something inside stirred
Something stumbled
Unfolding slowly beneath the cloudless sky
(A long awaited encounter with the Divine?)

By: me

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