Thursday, October 29, 2009


For a moment I turn from the aching flame that is my heart
And remember who I am,
An autumn leaf set ablaze by your golden kiss
Spiraling free in the chaotic rhythm of a playful gust,
My face turned towards your open door,
My heart full of laughter
Soft and light.
Let the old leaves fall away
Creating a bed for which I can lay my head
Before I wake again to walk barefoot on this pilgrim’s path.
You are the joy I cling to.
You are the eternity in which my soul rests.
Let no one disturb me while I’m in your presence.
Let the earth give homage to the river of life.
Let me pour out my insides so that only your sweet silence fills me.
I am the Lover
Undone by the sensuous promise of life.

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