Thursday, October 29, 2009

For You

There is a song that sleeps inside of me,
Each yearning note stirs in the gentle pull of your presence.
I reach for you with my heart string
Weaving a spell,
Tuning myself to the note,
The melody
That will bind you to my side forever,
But your love cannot be bought or bargained for.
You are Freedom
Fluttering from host to host,
Bound by Nothing and No one,
Ever elusive as I grow desperate with need.
You are the Lover,
I cannot claim you as mine own
Less I crush those fragile wings
And turn your love to a powdery dust.
So I call into the silence,
Into the twilight of my soul’s longing
My hands always reaching,
My heart opening,
Opening again,
My feet tapping to the rhythm of the heart string.
I wait for you.

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